You’ll Be Moved To Tears When You Know What This Little Boy Drew On The Floor!


Every child deserves a mother’s love: This short two minute film was made in India at Shishu Mandir and inspired by a true incident. It aims to raise awareness on the importance of having a complete family and help people realize how privileged they are to feel the love of their moms and dads. This powerful video of a little boy clearly delivered the message they are trying to convey.

At first, you may wonder what the kid would do with the chalk until he drew something at the courtyard of an orphanage. The boy just showed through his drawing that he misses his mother and he needs someone to make him feel loved.


The little boy then slept over the chalk drawing longing for the love of a mother. And at the end of the clip it read “Some of us, unlike most of the privileged one’s, value and solely desire a mother’s love. Love and be loved unconditionally. Adopt a child.”

boy and mother

This may be short, but it leaves us a beautiful message. And for two minutes, we felt our hearts melt and our eyes were filled with tears.

Source: nvnkmr