You’ll Break Out In Chills When You Hear This Native American Performance Of ”UnChained Melody”


Set upon a black stage with no acoustics, no electronics and nothing plugged in stands two Native American men. There are no vocals, just music coming from the instruments that they are playing. The man on the right is playing a traditional guitar, not unlike anything that is normal these days. The man on the left however plays a hand flute. While this is more traditional to the Native American music that has been passed down for generations the melody will captivate your attention immediately.

The whole video is only four minutes long, but you will be wondering why it stopped, leaving you wanting to hear more. The melody is subtle, never climbing in pitch but rather making you listen to the pure sound of the music itself. These gentleman know how to use their instruments and whether they learned on their own or it was passed down they do so with perfect ease. Encourage yourself to close your eyes when you listen and you can almost picture a story unfolding in your mind.