You Wont Believe How She Gets The Cutest Nail Polish


If you still think that doing your nails just means a file and a nice coloured polish, you would be every so wrong. There is a whole world of “Nail art” out there doing fantastical things to make your nails the highlight of your outfit.  Youtuber cutepolish has this down to a fine art, providing some genius nail tips and hacks to make your friends jealous of your fingertip masterpieces.  The video below outlines how to get these fantastic nails.

She takes you through an easy guide to get amazing “newspaper nails” and it all starts by applying your usual base coat to protect your nails from the magic thats about to happen.

Step 2, add a light grey colour polish to your nails and let them completely dry before you move on- that’s really important!

Next the genius begins. Dip your nails in some rubbing alcohol, you can pick it up from any supermarket or pharmacy. Leave them in the alcohol for about 5 seconds. Now press a small piece of newspaper onto the nail for 15-20 seconds, then peel off slowly and you’ll find your nails are now headlines with newspaper print transferred onto them! If you’re really excited about this maybe find story you really like and use those words.

Finally, give your nails one last protecting top coat so your hard work lasts and adds a beautiful shine to the words. Easy as pie. This will be a hit with all your bookworm friends!

Happy polishing!