You Might Think This Husky Is Unwell When You See Him Do This. But That’s Not The Case!


Those who own dogs understand well the kind of struggle that is involved convincing them to get into their kennels. One Husky called Blaze is one of those who have taken such kind of stubbornness to another level. He says “NO” by growling and laying on the ground like a human being. His reaction is quite hilarious when you watch he does it within this video.

Crate training is one of those techniques that the Human Society says is important when canines are to be domesticated. They make use of the dog’s instincts so as to allow the owners easily control them while at home and when travelling in vehicles. You may make your dog to be frustrated and feel trapped if you fail to crate them properly. People are discouraged from letting their dogs stay in the kennels for long periods of time so as not to see them as places of punishment.

I pity poor blaze when he is resisting entering the kennel.