Women Donate Breast Milk To Newborn After Mother’s Sudden Death


Just five months after giving birth to her premie son, Brixton, Liz Marquez died suddenly from cardiac arrest. After being in a coma for nine days, the mother of five passed away.

“The first thought out of my head was, ‘Oh my gosh, the baby,’” says Kristina Pulistar. Liz had met Kristina online through a Facebook group for mothers. Her husband had no idea that his wife, who was a homebody, had been secretly connecting with so many wonderful women.

“My wife didn’t get out of the house much, so to see that she was connected with such a huge community of mothers around the world is very heartwarming,” he said.

But it’s what those mothers are doing in Liz’s passing that is truly touching. With the help of other moms, Kristina has collected over 3,000 ounces of breast milk for little Brixton.

It’s a small gesture that makes all the difference. When Kaleena Pysher gave her daughter up for adoption, she provided the new family with breast milk and they were eternally grateful.

“I knew she was using breast milk with Brixton and immediately I just went straight to finding donor milk for her,” said Kristina. “We have so many local moms that are stepping up.”

Brixton may never know his mother the way a child should, but he will know that she was loved. He will know that it is because of the kindness she gave while she was alive that he is able to be taken care of in her absence.