Woman Refuses to Let A Stranger Use the Phone. Then She Sees Who’s At the Bottom of the Stairs…


Young children are always told to never, ever open the door for strangers.

Now, after viewing alarming footage from her security camera, a Morganton, North Carolina woman is reiterating that sentiment.

The woman, who wishes to be left unnamed, told WBTV that a stranger appeared at her home around 9:30 in the evening. The stranger attempted to open her door and when she was unable to do so, she began banging.aaa

After the homeowner turned on her porch light she heard the woman say:

“It’s me. My boyfriend dropped me off. We got into a fight and I need to use the phone.”

The woman said her name was Stacey. Not knowing a “Stacey,” the homeowner refused to let the woman in and told her she would have to find a phone elsewhere.


What the homeowner didn’t know at the time was that “Stacey” was not the only person waiting outside her door.

Upon viewing footage from her security camera, she discovered that a man had been waiting at the bottom of the steps.

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He was wearing a “Scream” mask.

“At that time we hadn’t watched them walk up on the recorder. So, we had no idea this guy was waiting,” the homeowner explained.

“After I told her, ‘No, you can’t use the phone.’ She was just acting shady wouldn’t let me see her face. I just knew something wasn’t right about it.”

The homeowner did not contact the police, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer, Chris Kopp, told WBTV that calling the police is the first action one should take if they are in a similar situation.


In addition to contacting the police, he suggests:

  • Not relying on the “little chain” on the door to protect from somebody trying to kick in the door.
  • Indicating to the stranger that someone is in the home (for example, turning on the porch light as the homeowner did.)
  • Speaking to the person through the door and mentioning calling 911.

The homeowner is now spreading the word by warning neighbors and other members of the community to not open up their home to strangers.

And Kopp adds that calling the police is the most effective solution; it is important for them to be the ones to make the decision about whether a crime has been committed.