Woman Posts SHOCKING Photo Online, But What She Wrote With It Stunned Everyone!


When you see someone with scars on their arms, what goes through your mind? Do you simply not notice it? Or, worse, do you assume that the person is unstable and weak? Without even realizing it, many of us judge people by their scars. Even if we don’t mean to do so, we see the self-harm signs and immediately make assumptions about the person. It’s a stigma with which no one should have to live.

Whitney Develle is a 22-year-old tattoo apprentice from Brisbane. Like many of us, she knows how damaging the effects of self-harm can be, and so she decided to do something truly brilliant about it. Last week, she took to Facebook and Instagram to make a promise to people.

In the posts, she pledged to spend one to two days a week giving FREE tattoos to help people cover up any unsightly scars they wanted.


Unexpectedly, the posts went viral and Whitney received thousands and thousands of requests from people with self-harm scars that they wanted to cover.

Since then, she has had to amend the original post to say that the first 50 sittings will be free, and the rest will get discounts for their work.

“The hardest part was that statistically probably 98 percent of [the people who wrote to her] were people who had self-harmed.” explained Whitney. “Majority of them were too scared to speak with a tattooist out of fear of being judged.”

She had originally been inspired to reach out to people when a close friend had asked her to help her cover her scars. Wanting to help out her pal, Whitney did a wonderful cover-up job, which looked truly beautiful. After that, she decided that she would like to do the same for others like her friend. Because, as she puts it herself, “No one should ever have to feel like a public museum for people to ridicule.”

Since her posts went viral, Whitney has a WHOLE lot of work ahead of her. She is due to start the tattooing bookings later this month!

Want to know more? Watch this interesting video about scar-covering tattoos: