Wife Files For Divorce After Father Refuses To Give Up Newborn Son With Down’s Syndrome

In the space of 24 hours, Samuel Forrest learned that his adorable son, Leo, was born with Down’s Syndrome and that his wife is planning on leaving him because he wants to raise the child as his own.

Leo was born on January 21 in an Armenian hospital, into a society that has little awareness of the disabled, according toUnicef. In Armenia, many disabled children are institutionalized at birth.


Samuel Forrest, a native New Zealander, refused his wife’s “ultimatum” of giving up Leo, prompting her to file for divorce.


Not sure how to proceed without the support of his wife, Samuel started a crowd funding campaign in an attempt to bring Leo back to New Zealand – where he could seek better care for his son.


His initial target of $60,000 was eclipsed within a day, and so far people from all around the world have donated more than $200,000 to bring Leo home. Any extra money will be used to help fund facilities and programs in Armenia that support parents with disabled kids.


Many of those donating wrote about their experience with Down’s syndrome.



In a recent study of children with Down’s Syndrome, 79% of their parents said that their outlook on life was more positive because of their child. So, while raising a child with the condition can be difficult, it can definitely an incredible experience.