When You See What A Teen Did With A Warehouse, You’ll Be Impressed And Inspired


When we’re young, many of us are told that we should find a passion and pursue it. Sometimes it becomes a career, while other times it just becomes a hobby. But one young photographer wanted to turn her dream into a reality, and did it in the most incredible way.

Jemma Stanley had saved for years with the plan of one day having her own photography studio where she could run a professional business. After becoming dissatisfied with higher education, she decided to put all her time and effort into reaching her goal and pursing her dream.

With her savings, she purchased a warehouse where she would build her studio…

This was the state of the warehouse at the start of the renovation.


She began by constructing walls that would create multiple rooms in the space.


They added drywall.


It was looking pretty good, but there was still so much work to be done.


The original walls were in terrible condition, so she had to strip the old, cracking paint.


Next was a whole lot of painting. And then some more painting.


She didn’t want the floors to just be bare concrete, so next she installed hardwood flooring.


And after a total of 12 weeks of designing, building, painting, and installing, all her work finally paid off…


And she had her own incredible photography studio.


She successfully converted this old warehouse space into the studio she had always dreamed of.


She would use this space to pursue her passion and get her business going.


This is a pretty incredible transformation — it’s barely recognizable.