When They Dropped Their Baby At Day Care, He Was Fine. Hours Later, They Got A Blood-Chilling Call.


While police are still looking to explain how seven-month-old Ashton Williams ended up in a coma, his parents are just praying that their son recovers.


As NBC 11Alive News reports, Ashton was rushed to the hospital Monday afternoon after he was found unresponsive and not breathing at his day care center in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Doctors discovered that Ashton had bleeding on the brain and placed the baby in a medically-induced coma while he fought for his life.


Ashton’s father, Hurchel Williams, has been sharing updates about his son on Facebook and asking for prayers under the hashtag #PrayforAshton. Williams has promised that he will not leave his son’s side as long as Ashton is in the ICU.

“It’s tough,” Hurchel told WSB-TV News. “I can come out and be OK, but when I’m looking at him, him fighting for his life, I just break down in tears.”
Ashton’s parents have been talking to investigators, who have not yet determined what caused the brain bleed that put the infant in the hospital. As yet, the police say they aren’t certain whether it is a medical or criminal case.


The day care that Ashton attended, Discovery Point Day Care, has a relatively clean record, with only a few low-level violations in recent years—including one for keeping lotion and air freshener within children’s reach and one for mixing age groups in violation of state law.

The day care has not offered any comment, and Hurchel Williams confessed that the fact that his son fell ill under someone else’s care made the situation even more bewildering.

“You drop your son off at day care and all you want is to pick him up and him to be exactly as he was when you dropped him off,” he told WSB-TV.
As of late Wednesday afternoon, there was one positive sign. Hurchel Williams said that Ashton had briefly opened his eyes and moved. Calling this, “my first sunlight in 48 hours,” Hurchel and his wife immediately went to pray in the hospital’s garden. He asked that others continue to pray for Ashton’s recovery.


Ashton’s aunt has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for short-term expenses and missed work while Ashton is in the hospital. Hurchel says that his focus continues to be on his son’s health rather than apportioning blame for what happened.

“He’s my little trooper and he’s fighting,” Hurchel said. “It’s hard.”