When He Heard A Little Boy Needed Help, This Navy SEAL Stepped In And Saved The Day!


A little boy got the experience of a lifetime when he fulfilled his lifelong dream of become a Navy SEAL for a day! He’s the most adorable SEAL I have ever seen.


Mason Rudder is already a soldier from the 10 surgeries he has endured due to a recessive genetic neuromuscular disorder he was born with. The rare condition affects his bones and joints, causing severe complications for his range of motion. Despite the challenges this strong warrior is facing, nothing could stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. He is so fierce and inspirational.

“I want to save the country and I want to save people,” Mason explained when asked why he wanted to become a SEAL.

Retired Navy SEAL Jared Ogden granted Mason’s military wish by training him for a day in Farmington, Missouri. Ogden showed Mason the first-hand experience as a Navy SEAL. The little SEAL spent the day doing demolition and sniper training with his role models. He even led the SEALs on a mission during his lunch break!

2Ogden learned of Mason’s SEAL dream when his parents emailed Asymmetric Solutions, a tactical training company that Ogden works for. The company has a passion for contributing to the community as well and couldn’t miss this legendary opportunity with Mason.

“Knowing the lasting impact that was gonna have on Mason, we really wanted to support that and make him a SEAL for a day,” Ogden said.

3You have to watch the priceless footage of Mason accomplishing his lifelong dream to become a Navy SEAL!