What Body-Cam Footage Captured Will Leave You Stunned And On The Edge Of Your Seat


This incredible footage from an emergency responder’s body camera shows the dramatic moment a baby girl is miraculously found alive inside a car partially submerged in a freezing Utah river, some fourteen hours after a heartbreaking car accident landed the car in the river and tragically ended the mother’s life.

The accident happened when 25-year-old, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, was driving home one evening from her parent’s house in the next town over. During the dark drive home, Groesbeck crashed her car through a concrete embankment and plummeted into the Spanish Fork River below. She died in the crash, but the baby managed to stay alive in the upside down vehicle for an incredible fourteen hours before a fisherman spotted the car and called 911.


(source YouTube)

Wow that was intense to watch, but you’ll be pleased to know that, according FOX 13, baby Lily has been released from the hospital and is doing well.