What A Photographer Noticed At The Top Of A Picture Had Him And His Friend ‘Scared’


Photographer Seth Peebler was out with a friend taking photos of the 4th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, and captured much more than he bargained for.

Peebler posted the above image to Reddit on Monday, after he discovered a dark figure under one of the arches of the bridge.

Comments from Reddit users poured in as they speculated what the figure could have been. Many noticed the figure had been wearing sun glasses.

Theories from Reddit users included the figure being a spirit from the 1980’s, the ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage, and even a mannequin.

After so much speculation, it turned out to be a man staring down at the two photographers.

Peebler too added to the comments, by explaining that the man was “just watching me at that point, but he actually approached my friend later and offered to let us up to where he was for $10 each. Scared the (expletive) out of us because he didn’t make a sound until he started talking.”

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If you look closely, you can see the man behind the first support shown on the right hand side of the photo.




7234293_GPeople on the social news site speculated that the man was everything from a ghost to a “real-life bridge troll.”