Watch This Car Carefully… Because Seconds Later? This Is INSANE!


Automobile manufacturer Skoda recently launched its new model, Fabia — so as part of its latest ad campaign, they set out to prove just how attention-stealing the newcar really was.

In the video below, the Czech Republic-based car company parks a blue Fabia on the street, then sets up ahidden camera to see what happens.

“Will a crowd gather? Will other drivers slam on the breaks? Watch to find out,” the video’s caption reads, garnering instant mystery and suspense.

In the clever, 60-second ad created by AIS London and MindsEye director Luke Bellis, you’ll be transfixed on the car. We won’t give away any spoilers, but be sure to watch to the very end. You’ll want to pay close attention. Got the eyes of a hawk? Sit close. You won’t believe what happens.

Did you catch what happened? I definitely didn’t the first time around!