WATCH: Man Leaves Family & 7 Kids to Live as a Transgender 6-Year-Old


Apparently, living life as a child is perfectly acceptable to some people, in a more literal sense than you’re imagining.

Meet who used to be Paul Wolscht, now Stefoknee, a 52-year-old man from Toronto. Well, apparently he’s never really been a man in the first place, because to him he’s always been a little girl. After coming out to her wife Maria, she was told to either stop being a trans or to leave, and Stefoknee couldn’t stick around that. 2F47E96000000578-3356084-image-a-2_1449847658853

After initially supporting him when he first just wanted to just dress the part, even buying him an outfit, but Maria couldn’t handle the entire persona change that was taking place as well. The ultimatum was given, and Stefoknee left.

While she’d previously worked as a mechanic, coming out lost her every customer she ever had and eventually forced her into homelessness. Now she lives with a couple of friends in Toronto, and can be found mainly around the Metropolitan Community Church located there.


“It’s a fresh start. We have a quasi-family that we’re creating. And I’m allowed to be exactly who I am.”

It’s a far cry from where she came from, when she believed everyone hated her. Especially when Stefoknee’s daughter invited her to her wedding, on the caveat that she dressed like a man and sat in the back. I can only imagine what that entire family has gone through and will continue to struggle through, but at least now Stefoknee has some support.