Two Years After A Child Was Found Living In Horrific Conditions, The Parents Are Finally Being Brought To Justice


A Northwest Indiana couple’s 12-year-old child was removed by authorities after finding the child emaciated, weighing only 23 pounds in their home in June 2014.

Now, two years later, Jay S. Rupert, 50, and Tabitha G. Rupert, 41, of Rensselear, have been charged on three counts of neglect of a dependent each, according to Jasper County Sheriff Terry Risner.

The state Department of Children and Family Services reportedly took the child out of the home in 2014.

“The child was diagnosed from birth with a non-curable brain disorder which required constant care,” Risner wrote in a statement.

“It was also discovered by detectives that the child had received no formal schooling either by enrollment or home school,” the statement went on to say.

The child was taken to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed the child as “failure to thrive,” according the Jasper County sheriff’s office.

It took two years for the couple to be arrested as the Jasper County sheriff’s office needed “additional information.”

The Rupert’s are being held at Jasper County Jail, each set at $50,000 bail.