She Took A Selfie Every Single Day For 6.5 Years. The Results? Absolutely Inspiring!



You’ve probably never heard of this word, and that’s a good thing, because presumably, that means you don’t have it. Trichotillomania is an impulse disorder in which its patients have the compulsive urge to pull out their own hair, without any conscious control.

British 21-year-old, Rebecca Brown, was diagnosed with it at age 11, and quickly became beleaguered by its effects. Her condition, and the futile lack of control she had over it, like many who suffer from the disease, caused Brown to go into deep depression. At 14, she committed to taking a picture of herself each day until she had fully conquered her affliction. Six and a half years, a few thousand selfies, and one remarkable journey later, Rebecca has won her battle. To check out more of her inspiring vlog work, visit her on her Youtube channel, Beckie0.