Toddler loses every limb and part of nose in battle with meningitis – but is making a great recovery

Harmonie Rose-Allen lost all her limbs and part of her nose in her battle against meningitis (Picture: SWNS)

This heartbreaking series of photos show just how quickly meningitis took hold of a toddler who lost all her limbs to the disease.

Harmonie-Rose Allen was struck down by the killer bug last September when she was nine-months-old – ten days after taking her first faltering steps.

Doctors told her parents, Freya Hall and Ross Allen, she had one of the worst cases of the virus they had even seen and only gave her a ten-per cent chance of survival.

Harmonie beat the odds – but lost both her legs and arms and the tip of her nose in the process.1

She was rushed to hospital when her arms turned black and purple (Picture: SWNS)

Now 16-months-old, she is learning to adapt to a new way of life, helped by donations from wellwishers who have raised £180,000 for her and her family.

Grateful Freya and Ross have now released these photos to highlight just how devastating the illness can be.

They hope they will encourage people to press for the introduction of the new meningitis B vaccine.

Freya, 20, said: ‘Whenever I tell people what a devastating impact meningitis has had on our family I don’t think they understand quite how severe it was and the suffering it caused.3

The devastating photos show how quickly meningitis takes over the body (Picture: SWNS)

‘The pictures show just how horrible it is. It takes hold of their little bodies so fast. They hit home as they back up just what I’m saying.

‘I hope they will make people realise how serious it is and that the vaccine needs to be introduced.

She says there is a vaccine for the meningitis B strain which was approved in January 2013 by the European Commission.1

Harmonie Rose-Allen is making a great recovery – pictured here with mum Freya and dad Ross (Picture: SWNS)

Freya continued: ‘It’s still not being used and I don’t really know why – it makes me so angry. It’s all about costs.

‘They think that because not many children get it, in comparison to other illnesses so it’s not worth the costs. But even if you save just one child it’s worth it.’

Freya and Ross first noticed something was wrong on Saturday September 27 when Harmonie-Rose, their only child, woke in the night coughing and unable to breathe.

They took her to the Royal United Hospital in Bath but doctors could not find anything seriously wrong and sent her back home.

Harmonie Rose-Allen at home in Bath, Somerset. See SWNS story SWBATTLE: A heartbreaking collection of images shows just how quickly meningitis took hold of a brave toddler who lost both arms and legs to the disease. Little Harmonie-Rose Allen, one, was struck down with the killer bug just ten days after taking her first faltering steps in September last year.  Doctors told her worried parents, Freya Hall and Ross Allen, that it was one of the worst cases of the virus they had even seen and warned she may not pull through. Despite having just a ten per cent chance of survival, Harmonie, from Bath, Somerset, proved doctors wrong by fighting off the illness.

The tot before she suffered from the deadly disease (Picture: SWNS)

Over the next couple of days she was taken to hospital numerous times – with doctors unable to diagnose her with more than a common virus.

But after her arms and legs turned blue she was rushed to specialist unit at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

The little girl was covered in black and purple rashes, blisters and scabs.

The deadly virus had killed the tissue in her limbs and they had to be removed to save her.


Mum Freya is fighting for a vaccine to be available to other children (Picture: SWNS)

When she gets bigger she will be fitted with prosthetic limbs, but is already learning to play with the help of cuffs on her arms, which can be used to help her hold items.

Harmonie-Rose has undergone dozens of operations and is now back home in Bath, Somerset, with her family, making a good recovery.

The Hope4Harmonie appeal has so far raised over £179,000 which will be used for rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and home adaptations.