This Pennsylvania Cop Lost Her Job After Using A Racial Slur In A Snapchat


When she posted on social media a picture of herself  in uniform followed by a racial slur this Pittsburgh police officer found herself getting fired.

The picture that started it all pictured her in a car with a long sleeve uniform and the caption read: ‘I’m the law today n***a’.

She resigned from her job after the department had an emergency meeting about the video that surfaced online.

Here is the picture:1

‘This post displays a degree of conduct and character that is far different from what I would expect from an officer in this city,’ he wrote in a Facebook post.

‘It is absolutely unacceptable. She has been relieved of her duties, and her employment has been terminated.’

She said that the photo was actually an old one that she took a while back and sent it to a few friends but had no “malicious intent.”

‘He’s bringing up his dirt and ruining my career,’ she said. ‘Which has been done.’

‘Everyone that knows me knows I don’t have a racist bone in my body,’ she added.

‘And people who don’t know me, I can understand why it was misconstrued to where it looks racist. But like I said, everyone who knows me knows I’m not racist.’


I don’t want this to affect how I do my job,’ Adamson said.

‘I don’t want people to look at me differently, thinking that I can’t build myself up to the standard of a police officer.’

Adamson apologized to those she had offended and said it was never her ‘intention’ to hurt them.

‘I can’t express how sorry I am for how I made you feel – emotionally, physically,’ she said.

‘Again, it was a stupid mistake. It shouldn’t have been posted in general, regardless of how my intentions were.’3

Thank you for immediate action,’ wrote Sue Lang. ‘Our city has enough problems, we don’t need a racist police officer too.’

‘I support our Officers and law enforcement 100% at all times, but with actions such as this, it is difficult to understand why some have even picked law enforcement as a career.’

‘I will pray that this officer sees the gravity of what she probably thought was just a funny post.’