This Pelican Was Starving With Wire Holding His Beak Shut, Until This Man Did Something Very Risky


When this brave man noticed a pelican had fishing wire wrapped around his beak and couldn’t eat or drink any water, he knew he had to do something to help. Wild animals are known to be dangerous, specially when they’re in pain and feel threatened. The massively strong beak of any pelican can hurt you, but this man was more worried about the animal than himself. Seeing that the bird was in danger, he decided to get to work quickly.

Pelicans are animals that have suffered greatly with the destruction of their natural habitat and pollution, and this is one of those cases. The pelican in the video got its beak caught by a fishing line and could not longer open it, its movement got also compromised. The man was brave enough to quickly approach, grab its leg, hold him tight and with the help of another man, release him from his torture. From a distance you can hear a lady thank the men and they really deserve it. Watch the video: