This Mom With Memory Loss Was Looking For Her Daughter With Two Bundles In Her Hand


This story that originates from Busan Korea is really heartwarming. It’s a story that goes to prove that a mother’s love transcends all obstacles. Even when the mother doesn’t remember her own daughter’s name.

This past September, Inspector Pak, who had only started his job recently, responded to a call about an elderly woman (whose name was withheld to protect her privacy) who was lost. The call said that she’d just been wandering around the neighborhood for more than an hour.

When he arrived on the scene, he found the woman in question. She was holding two large bundles and wasn’t making a lot of sense. All she could tell Inspector Pak was that her daughter had just given birth.


She could not remember her daughter’s name, the name of the hospital, or any other details that might help him figure out where she belonged. Every time Pak asked her a question she couldn’t answer, she simply held the bundles closer to her chest.

He did notice one potential clue, however: She was wearing house slippers, meaning that she couldn’t be far from home and that there might be someone in the neighborhood who could help identify her.


When she was reunited, her whole demeanor changed, and she joyfully unwrapped her bundles. What she had been protecting so fiercely brought Pak and his colleagues to tears:


She’d been carrying bedding and a container full of seaweed soup. Seaweed soup has a powerful cultural connotation in Korea. It’s fed to mothers after giving birth to restore their strength.

This woman was unable to remember even her own name, but she was guided by a single thought: “I have to care for my daughter.”