This Little Girl’s Toys Kept Disappearing At Night. So Her Parents Set Up A Camera And Caught THIS…


After their 8-year-old daughter’s toys kept vanishing in the middle of the night, these parents decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the “toy bandit” in the act. Check out this video now to see the adorable burglar in action!

Every morning, the Mosers’ 8-year-old daughter wakes up with at least one toy missing from her bedroom.

At first, the little girl’s parents thought the “toy thief” was all in their daughter’s head, but it didn’t take long before they started noticing the missing toys too.

Determined to keep all her toys safe, the Mosers told their daughter to start locking her door before bed every night, so nobody could break in while she was sleeping.

But, like clockwork, every morning their daughter woke up to find that her favorite toys had vanished during the night.

Finally, the parents decided to set up a camera outside of their daughter’s bedroom door to catch the sneaky culprit in the act.

Their jaws dropped to the floor when they caught the “toy bandit” on camera, picking the lock on their daughter’s bedroom door!

What the footage reveals will leave you stunned, especially after seeing what this little genius used to break in.

On this particular night, the pint-sized burglar’s mission is complete in a matter of seconds after he picks the lock, quietly searches for the toy he’s been looking for all day, and casually strolls out with the prized Pillow Pet.

These parents even chose the perfect background music to document their little rebel’s crime spree. See it for yourself in the video below now!