This House Looks Normal From The Outside, But Once You Go In? Uh, WOW.


You would never in a million years believe that Peter Cohen grew up in a dog household after you see the inside of his Goleta, California home. To start, there are no dogs living there, but furthermore, the entire house has been transformed into a cat oasis. Cohen, his partner, and one roommate share the house with 14 rescued cats and couldn’t imagine living life any other way.

Cohen has spent somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 on the whimsical fixtures over the years.


He could have done it for less, but the structures are just as interesting and important to him as they are to to cats. Note the shark passageway that doubles as a back scratcher – pure genius.
Using his construction knowledge from founding Trillium Enterprises Inc., he’s built a state of the art cat paradise.


But his oldest cat, Nekko, is clearly the queen bee here.


You’d think that the house would be in a constant state of chaos with 14 cats, but it’s actually a tranquil oasis with a koi pond and calming music.


The outside doesn’t even hint at the wonders inside.


But the inside CLEARLY shows that the cats are top dog here.


Cohen says that they’ll occasionally get woken up in the middle of the night because the cats start chasing each other. A small price to pay for having happy cats!



“The cats make the house feel alive.”

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