This Family Feud Contestant Gave An Answer So Gross About His Sister That Steve Harvey Almost Puked


Every once in a while Family Feud contestants blurt out some of the most ridiculously embarrassing things that they normally wouldn’t, that’s just a part of the game’s mechanic. Usually those answers are given or coerced after a fairly leading question, one that some could easily mistake for being sexual in nature, but then there are times when the contestants do it all to themselves. Those are the moments of a person’s true embarrassment, like the time Jeff went on back in 2012. This guy was asked what someone would use as a kid in order to practice kissing, but his answer was something you’d hear out of a typical West Virginia joke.

The answer was so left-field (while still being correct) that Steve almost couldn’t hold back chunks of vomit. Harvey is definitely known for his flashy overreactions but this is one that’s probably more deserved than most of the others.
He already knew even before the word left his mouth just how big of a mistake he had made there, but in the very least he got some points from it. I just hope for his safety after he headed back home, because no doubt many family friends and relatives were tuned in for the televised event so his sister will probably want to knock him out a good time or two. Maybe more. Someone needs to tell him it’s called kissing cousins though, not kissing siblings, or maybe to think a little more before he speaks.