This Cafe Owner Uses Bad TripAdvisor Reviews To Bring In Customers


A cafe owner in Stockport is making sure the haters don’t bring him or the cafe down.

Arlo Calderbank, manager of Nook, said that rather than letting the negative reviews get him down, he used them to his advantage.

He started writing these messages outside his cafe responding to some of the bizarre things people have said on TripAdvisor.1

Explaining his reasoning, Arlo said: ‘The idea was just to try and do something a bit different. But now it’s really taken off.’

Apparently customers of the cafe are loving the signs.


When a woman complained about her coffee, he stated: ‘The lady’s comment was quite disappointing because we try to provide the best service at all times.’

‘Seeing the comment pop up on TripAdvisor was a bit of a shame.’

‘I was working when the lady complained. I remember her face. She wasn’t particularly happy, she had a bit of a grumble and we gave her a refund.

‘The next thing there was a nasty comment left on TripAdvisor.’

PIC BY DAN ROWLANDS/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: NOOK NEIGHBOURHOOD CAFE MANAGER ARLO CALDERBANK, 27, WRITING A MESSAGE ON ONE OF THE BOARDS OUTSIDE THE CAFE) A cafÈ owner is hitting back at negative TripAdvisor reviews ñ by writing them up on their A-board in bid to lure in customers with ëthe worst porridge one woman had in her lifeí. Arlo Calderbank, 27, manager at the Nook Neighbourhood CafÈ in Stockport, Greater Manchester, was stunned by the vitriolic comments left on the popular review website. Rather than let the reviews get him down, Arlo instead began writing them on the black board in a series of tongue-in-cheek messages, which have gone viral online ñ clocking up more than 12,000 likes and 2,000 shares.SEE MERCURY COPY

Arlo said: ‘I’m gobsmacked about the amount of shares and reaction the sign has had on social media.’ ‘I do like the little quirky drawings the staff sometimes do, but so far this one has beaten them all for reaction. All the staff are gobsmacked about it too.’