This Baby’s Dad Tries To Brush His Tiny Teeth. What He Does? Hilarious!


There are so many memorable moments when your children are infants. The littlest things become beautiful, treasured memories for the rest of your life when you’re a parent. Just thinking about some of the amazing moments I shared with my little girl when she was a baby puts a smile on my face that lasts the entire day.

The adventures of teething are not always one of the good memories, though. Sometimes those little baby teeth breaking through the surface of a child’s precious gums for the first time can be painful, which means a lot of long nights for Mom and Dad.

One parent on YouTube, however, has found a way to make brushing his little baby’s teeth sheer joy.

If you didn’t already know, when you brush your infant’s teeth for the first few times, you’ll often end up using what’s called a “finger brush.” Instead of your typical toothbrush (which could be far too harsh and rough for an infant’s gums), the finger brush slides on your finger, allowing you to gently brush the baby’s gums and teeth with your finger.

YouTuber Mr. Sibes has turned this daily routine into a memorable (and hilariously adorable) shared moment with his baby.

As he sticks his finger (with the finger brush on it) into the baby’s mouth, the little one decides to clamp down Dad’s finger. Dad pulls his finger out and acts like he’s in real pain (he’s clearly not in pain). The baby just eats it up!

The baby starts cracking up, and when Dad goes back in for another quick brush, the infant chomps down again. Dad pulls his finger away and writhes in “pain” as Baby laughs so hard. They repeat this routine three or four times before the video cuts out.

Watching the joy on that baby’s face and the satisfaction on Dad’s is so beautiful, completely adorable, and super hilarious. It’s a moment that these two will share for the rest of their lives.