This Adopted Child’s Murderous Obsession Is Frightening, Even To His Parents


When it comes to raising kids, we want our kids to grow up and be well educated and upstanding members of society. Realistically, as long as they don’t turn into serial killers, that’s pretty much a win.

That’s a harder battle for Kim and her ex-husband Ryan, whose adopted seven-year old, Rylan, is obsessed with knives. Rylan even has an imaginary friend named “Bleeder” who, you guessed it, encourages Rylan to stab his parents.

Kim and Ryan adopted their son Rylan when he was just a baby. Rylan’s birth mother was addicted to meth, Rylan’s mother and father were both diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Rylan became obsessed with knives and blood at a young age. When he was three, he stabbed multiple knives into a watermelon. He can’t stop talking about stabbing his parents and his siblings.


Rylan’s closest conspirer is his imaginary friend, “Bleeder,” who often gives Rylan his horrific ideas. Bleeder once told Rylan to cut his own finger tips with a razor so that he can “see the blood and feel the pain.”


The only way Kim and Ryan seem to be able to control Rylan’s murderous tendencies is to put him in a therapeutic hold until they feel safe he won’t stab anyone. This can last sometimes last up to an hour.


What happens when Rylan grows older? Will Kim and Ryan still be able to hold him back?
Kim and Ryan recently appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about their challenges with Rylan. They truly fear that if he is not helped, he will one day turn into a serial killer or a school shooter.

eRylan recently flooded the bathroom in Ryan’s house. When Ryan took a look at it, he discovered that Rylan had been hiding razors and a fork in the back of the toilet. Raising kids is already incredibly hard, but I’d imagine it’s even harder when you’re terrified of your child.