This 1800s Jailhouse Still Stands But You Won’t BELIEVE What It Looks Like Inside. Wow!


We’ve seen a lot of centuries-old buildings make the news lately, but I don’t believe we’ve seen one with quite as storied a history as the one that Texas couple Wyman and Sylinda Meinzer stumbled across in recent years.

In the below video, a clip from the HGTV show You Live In What?, you’ll see how a Benjamin, TX jailhouse that was built in 1887 (and used as such until 1938) has been renovated by the couple into a beautiful home that still keeps much of its roots and history intact.

Wyman Meinzer, the official State Photographer of Texas since 1997, saw the local landmark hit the market, so he decided to snatch it up and save the jail from demolition. But you won’t believe what the couple has done with the inside of their small-town home.

The jailhouse now functions as a two-story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house that just about anyone would be proud to call home.

The upstairs jail cells had their cages removed long ago, but the Meinzers decided to keep the original bars on the windows in place as a reminder of the building’s past. Wyman uses the former Sheriff’s office as his office now, and many of the other features of the home give a nod to the property’s deep, rich history.

What a beautiful house, and what an amazing thing for the Meinzer family to do by keeping the history of their small Texas town (and its landmark jailhouse) alive by turning it into a stunning home.