Thief Makes The Worst Error You Will Ever Think Of, Thieves Be Warned!


A robber went to a BP gas station with the intentions of stealing the money. The person in charge at the counter that day was Aaron Jacobs.

The thief motivated himself up and got out his long sharp knife, and also got some beer bottles at the counter to distract him. When Jacob looked the opposite side, he was approached by the thief slowly, positioning himself a better place for an attack in case there was a need.

Jacob gave the thief the back, as he got closer and closer. When he made a turn to attend the customer, he was shocked to the thief close to him.

Unluckily, the thief had chosen the worst target to steal from. Before, Jacob was a marine combat teacher, who possessed a black belt in Karate and has trained for over 25 years.

While the thief thought that the knife would terrify Jacob, he never knew that he had gotten to tougher situations that this when he was at the camp. He just switches on his martial skills and follows his instincts to the letter. Before the robber gets to know what is happening, he had been disarmed and put down on the ground.

What funny with this video is that Jacob reveals that what made him fear was not the knife, but it was the way the store was going to get disorderly with items spilled over.