They’ve Been Trying To Open This Box For Hours. What Waits Inside Made Me Gasp


The suspense builds as the folks from IFAW (the International Fund For Animal Welfare) prepare to release an extremely rare Siberian tiger back into the wild. After being orphaned as a cub, “Zolushka” was rescued and rehabilitated by IFAW with the ultimate goal of freeing her back into the wild. Now that day has finally come, but a faulty door mechanism is making her entrance back into her natural habitat pretty stressful for everyone involved. After several failed attempts, the cage opens and Zolushka springs into the east Russian wilderness in a moment that can only be described as beautiful.

According to the description on IFAW’s video, Siberian tigers are extremely rare (there are only 400 left in the wild). Therefore, the entire existence of the species depends on every individual animal and the urgency surrounding Zolushka’s release takes on an entirely different level of significance. Here at SF Globe, we feel privileged to witness such a tremendous moment and feel thankful that organizations like IFAW work so hard to preserve these majestic Siberian tigers.