These Trees Look Like They’ve Been Painted by Hand, But This Kind of Beauty Only Appears in Nature


For those who like the outdoors, it’s no secret that nature is replete with beautiful colors.

However, not everyone gets the chance to see the beauty produced by the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, whose colors change when its layers of bark come off.


According to When On Earth, these eucalyptus trees are from the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.


The coloring phenomenon happens when the front layers of the eucalyptus peel away, revealing a delightfully vivid green color. As the layers came off, different colors start appearing.

Bright green changes to a dark green, then to blue, purple, pink, orange, red, maroon, and brown. Finally, the brown layers peel and the cycle begins again.


However, the layers change at different times and parts on the tree, making each one a distinct patchwork of bright colors.


It seems the trees have a functional purpose as well.

“This natural beauty can also be found lining the Hana highway in Maui, Hawaii, and in swampy areas of Africa, where it was planted to soak up much of the water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there and spreading malaria,” When On Earth writes.