The Routine Was Too Boring, So She Improvised… And It’s Going To Make Your Day.


We’ve all spent some slightly mind-numbing hours sitting through our kids’ slow-moving school plays or choir concerts because hey, we don’t have a choice.

Fortunately, every now and then something happens that helps liven it up a little bit. At this preschool dance recital, one girl did more than that.

Like Flavor Flav bringing Chuck D. to the stage, this girl brought down the house with her off-the-program improvised moves. Popping, locking, that thing where you pretend to cross your knees like some kind of Red Bull-binging Fred Astaire; this girl’s got it going on. As The Man Repeller rightly points out, it’s also important to give credit to the person behind the camera, who saw greatness about to explode on stage and immediately zoomed in on her, ignoring the 14 other clueless dancers following their teacher’s choreographed moves.

This little girl danced like nobody was watching, but if the yells and cheers of the parents are any indication, plenty of people were.