The Pilot Said Her Daughter Made Him Uncomfortable. When You See Why, You’ll Be Furious!


People from all over were aboard this United Airlines flight, traveling for business or for pleasure, but what seemed like an ordinary flight, turned out to be a nightmare for one mother and her autistic daughter.

The family was headed home to Oregon after a trip from Disney World, when Donna Beagle noticed her daughter getting hungry. She asked the flight attendant if she could order something hot from first class since her daughter had plenty of dietary restrictions. The flight attendant reluctantly complied to Mrs. Beagle’s warning about the potential outbursts her daughter may have, but in a matter of minutes, the plane made an emergency landing.

Mrs. Beagle and her daughter were escorted off the plane because the pilot “didn’t feel comfortable” with her daughter on the flight. Despite passengers shouting at the flight security to leave the family alone, the two were booked on a new flight, United Defense Decisions to protect passengers.

Although this United Airlines’ decision sounds outrageous, one passenger on the flight said, “She wasn’t put off the plane because she had autism…She was maybe proposing some kind of threat.”