The Outside Of This Hobbit Home Is Awesome. But When You See The Inside? EPIC


Meet Simon and Jasmine Saville who have been getting a lot of attention all around the world because of their incredible Hobbit House.  The house took about 2 months to build and only cost about $5,000.  It was built by Simon and his father in law and is completely eco-friendly.

The house was built from tree branches, rock, mud and other earthy materials that really give this house it’s unique vibe.  All the materials were either natural or recycled.  Simon and Jasmine currently live in the house with their two lovely children.

Like many people who have joined the tiny house movement, they were seeking a more simple life, away from the city and the non-stop pace of modern living.  Just watching the video below makes me more relaxed.  I would love to build my own hobbit house one day!