The New Brilliant Way To Peel Potatoes The Fastest Way in 60 Seconds



We can honestly say we have never seen anyone attack a bag of potatoes like this brilliant Russian genius does in this video.

Using just a few household items, he was able to expertly peel an entire bag of potatoes in a fraction of the time that it would’ve taken using the traditional method.

Yet we are in question if this should be just an experiment or the new method of pealing pataoes.

At the beginning of the video when he started to bring out the toilet brush and create a custom drill we were completely disturbed.

But soon as we saw the finish product, we couldn’t wait to share it.

This incredible video got us thinking: what other clever ways could someone peel a potato? Just an idea if you don’t have a spare (clean) toilet brush and power drill laying around.

One trick we really liked requires only a bowl of ice water. Start by cooking your potatoes in boiling water.

After they are cooked through, dump those spuds into a nearby bowl of ice water. You don’t want to freeze these suckers, so pull them out after a few seconds.

This part of the process is basically so you can handle these piping hot potatoes in your hands.

Then, all you have to do is carefully rub the potato in your hands and watch the skin slide right off with incredible ease. Still, we are very impressed with this man’s technique.