Texas Cop Caught Choking And Slamming 14-Year-Old Boy As School Staff Does Nothing



Kashka Hughes, a Texas man in Red Rock, is now pressing charges against the local authorities for choking and slamming his 14-year-old son to the ground, who hadn’t even lain a finger on the officers.

According to KXAN-TV, this past Thursday the young schoolboy, named Gyasi, had gotten into an altercation with another student, who was accused of taking his prescription goggles he uses for football. He’d taken the other boy’s bag to check and see if they would be there, which started the fight.

It got broken up, and police had Gyasi cornered against the wall. In a statement they released, they stated it was “for his safety,” fearing he was going to go after the boy once more. With that being said, the boy said he was more angry that the officers wouldn’t let him go at all, as he just wanted them to “stay out of his face.” When they didn’t, Gyasi attempted to walk through, and that’s when you can clearly see one of the officers go for his throat, then spinning him around and slamming him to the floor.

What appears to be school staff came out from the woodworks, and then… nothing. The officers continued to subdue Gyasi and the staff do, and say, nothing. They even went so far as to shoo the other nearby children away from the scene.

Because of the video, Kashka feels he has every right to press charges, and intends on it. Regardless of who was right in the beginning, an officer should never go for the throat of any child, and that places him in the wrong. What do you think?