Sleeping Baby Suddenly Stands Up ON His Crib’s Rail. What Happens Next Is CHILLING…



An eerie video that looks like a scene taken straight out of Paranormal Activity has gone viral in just a matter of days.

According to The Mirror, the clip, which shows a toddler named Conner’s night alone in his crib, was actually uploaded to YouTube earlier this month.

In the absolutely chilling video, Conner stands up and balances himself on the edge of the crib’s side rail.

The baby boy then gets up quickly and starts screaming before falling back down abruptly, as if pulled by a force that can’t be seen to the naked eye.

What makes this footage even creepier is the camera’s night vision, which shines in Conner’s eyes and seems to pull off the illusion that they’re glowing.

“Caught on Nanny cam in the middle of the night… No children were harmed. This is not my child in the video,” reads the caption underneath the video, which was shared by Chris and Keelan Chronicles.

While plenty of viewers strongly believe the video must be fake, others aren’t quite as sure.

“Did anyone notice that ghost leaving his body just before he fell back ???” one commenter wrote on YouTube.

Since being uploaded earlier this month, the spooky video has been viewed more than two million times.

Check it out for yourself below now!