She Starts Out Sticking M&M’s To A Cupcake. The End Result Is Super Impressive


If you are a fan of baking or love a good cup cake recipe, this is for you. Using the tools and ingredients below you can create and amazing Nutella and M&M Giant Cupcake.


The recipe comes courtesy of MyCupcakeAddiction which is a channel on Youtube full of great cupcake ideas.

The ingredients end equipment you will require are:

Tools & Equipment:
Rainbow ribbon – I got mine on ebay
Offset spatula
Serrated (bread) knife
Silicone giant cupcake case
Cake board or presentation platter


Giant cupcake – link to ‘how to bake a giant cupcake’ video below
2 – 3 bags of m&m candies
Melted candy melts or chocolate in your chosen colour (I used green)
1 large jar of Nutella (or you can use your favourite frosting)