She Spoons These Breakfast Foods Into Popsicle Molds To Cut Her Morning Routine In Half!


When you have the option of waking up early and making breakfast or sleeping for just few more precious minutes, many of us just can’t resist the call of the snooze button.

We live busy lives, and catching a few more Z’s is way more appealing than cracking some eggs, regardless of how delicious the breakfast option may be — like eggs cooked in halved avocados with bacon bits. But breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.

According to WedMD, eating breakfast not only gives you energy but it’s also linked to weight control and improved performance.

Yet, sleeping in may not be the only reason why you’re skipping your Wheaties. Most of the a.m.’s most scrumptious offerings, like pancakes and French toast, are hot. And in the summer, it’s hard to swallow a serving of sausage and scrambled eggs when you’re sweating like a pig.

No need to fret. We have found a simple and delicious breakfast recipe that is not only quick, like this breakfast in a mug, but it’s also served cold – as in a Popsicle. And we’re not talking a bacon-and-egg icy either. It’s a sweet, creamy delight that’s packed with as much protein as an egg.

Best part? You can make it on a Sunday evening and have breakfast waiting for you in the morning for the next four days!

To see this delicious and genius idea, watch the video below and then let us know what you think.