She Pours Soy Sauce On Her Meal. What The Squid Does? I Jumped Out Of My Seat


This video is making its rounds on the internet, and it has stirred up quite the commotion. People are calling this disgusting, inhumane, and a number of other things. Discovery’s Martin Berman has done a bit of digging though, and his findings might be reassuring.

This squid is dead — there’s no argument there. But when Berman talked to Charles Grisham (Professor of Chemistry at the University of Virginia), he uncovered an interesting bit of information:
“Most of the tissue in an organism that’s recently dead is actually still live… and so even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli.” Grisham goes on to explain that soy sauce has a lot of sodium chloride, and since the squid’s “suckers” are largely still active, they’re still responding to the chemicals in the sauce.
Some people call it “creepy,” while others call it “science.” Which camp do you fall into? Let us know in the comments below, or chime in on Facebook!