She Flexes In Front Of A Stranger. But How He Responds? Complete Perfection


One of the highlights of many sporting events in the last couple of years has been the hilarious “Kiss Cam.” The huge Jumbotron shows video of a random couple in the audience, and everyone expects them to give each other a kiss. Now some games feature variations of the kiss cam, like for example, this Philadelphia sports team’s “Flex Cam.” The Flex Cam works in a similar way, except that people in the crowd is encouraged to show their muscles at the camera, which leads to pretty funny moments.
In the following clip, we see a man that’s pretty happy to have been chosen by the ‘flex cam.’ For him, it seems like the perfect opportunity to show off those wonderful muscles he’s been working on. But when he looks back, he witnesses something he wasn’t prepared for. Check out the video to see his hilarious reaction.