Security Camera Films A Toddler And Her Mom…Now Watch The Cyclist On The Right


WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage and may be upsetting to some viewers.

Although being a parent is the greatest gift of all time, it can also make you a nervous wreck at times.

From the day you find out your pregnant, you start worrying about the health of your new baby. Then even if they’re in perfect health, once they’re older you can’t take your eyes off of them for a second in fear of something horrible like this happening.

It’s pretty terrifying that even when you think your child is perfectly safe and sound, the unthinkable can happen. Luckily, we hear about more stories that end up positive than negative here at LittleThings, like these kids who rescued their baby brother from a would-be kidnapping. However, we feel that this next video is extremely important for everyone to watch…not just parents.

Hit and run incidents happen all the time and go unsolved, but thankfully there was a security camera rolling to catch this next extremely upsetting incident. In the following video we see a mom walk to her car, parked outside her home, while her little 3-year-old daughter chases behind. Suddenly, a cyclist speeds out of nowhere and hits the girl, dragging her about 10 feet, while the mom watched.

By some miracle, the tiny girl just suffered some facial injuries and nothing more serious, but what is most upsetting is that the cyclist didn’t even stop to make sure the toddler was OK. He just yelled at the mother for not watching her daughter and kept riding. Obviously, there wasn’t much the man could have done to avoid this horrific accident, but his rude comment and attitude really made me furious.

Do you think this man should be charged with a crime for not stopping?