School Is Flabbergasted When They Found This Hidden Behind The Old Chalkboard


I’ve always dreamed of coming along a lost treasure, or perhaps finding an amazing piece of history within the walls of an old house. Those feelings must have been familiar to the people at one Oklahoma elementary school.  The school had been build in the late 1800’s, and received new chalk boards in 1917.

Recently, the school went through heavy renovation. That meant parts of the school were exposed that hadn’t seen the light of day since the early 20th century. One of the items being renovated were the chalk boards, the ones that were installed in 1917. When the boards were removed, workers made an amazing discovery underneath.
Drawings, lesson plans, and even prayers were written on chalk, plain as day on the original board underneath the newer ones. Many people were surprised how vivid the chalk still was all these years later. This is one incredible find! One wonders if this school has any more secrets hidden somewhere else!
This is an example of why I’m such a fan of home renovations, you never know exactly what you’ll find hidden in the cracks of your home! Have you ever found anything exciting or historic in your home?