Rescue Pit Bull Puppy Runs On The Treadmill With His Big Brother.


Pit bulls have mastered the treadmill. Pit bull puppies, on the other hand, are still in training. This Pit Bull rescue organization located in Las Vegas, California, fights the battle against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) while fostering pit bulls who need happy, healthy homes. Peace, Love and Pitbulls “saves one dog at a time from kill shelters,” including the ones on this treadmill. Watch this lil’ pup learn the treadmill ropes. He gets an A for effort, and an A+ for cuteness!


Bandit wants to hang out with the big boys. When he sees one of his new “big brothers” on the treadmill, he just has to follow in his footsteps. How adorable is that?!  Watch the video:

(source YouTube)