Pour Water Over Squash In A Slow Cooker For This Creamy, Heavenly Dish


It’s nearly a hands-free recipe and it’s delicious. If you also didn’t know that spaghetti squash could be prepared so easily, then you will be glad you checked out this simple how-to video. When the autumn season comes around, we are all looking for new ideas for warm dinner dishes. This idea might just be next on your recipe list.


Follow these amazingly simple steps to see how. Those who have tried this recipe report that it is much easier than cutting and shredding the squash while it is raw. With the slow cooker, you also don’t have to keep an eye on the squash cooking in a microwave or an oven.


And here’s a tip: When you are shopping for a ripe squash, make sure to pierce the skin with a fingernail. If the skin appears to be hard, the squash is ripe. A ripe squash with smooth skin will ensure an evenly cooked end result when removing from the slow cooker. Top with parmesan and cracked pepper, or even some roasted tomatoes and enjoy!