Police Shopping For A Crib For A Couple In Need Discover Something Shocking At A Garage Sale


Samantha and Don Swaney were setting up for a typical garage sale when two police officers showed up.

Immediately, Samantha assumed that she would need to hunt down her permit, but that’s not why the cops had arrived.

Earlier that morning, they had received a call about an unresponsive infant. When the arrived at the scene, they discovered that the family did not have a crib. After saving the baby’s life, they set out to find a crib.

The police were hoping that the Swaney’s could help them out.

The strangest part? There was no crib for sale out on the Swaney’s front lawn. However, the Swaney’s did have a crib tucked away in their attic. But it doesn’t stop there.


Samantha describes the event as divine intervention: “It might have seemed random to him, but I fully believe he was being led by the Lord. What he couldn’t have known is that we had a brand new, never been used crib in our attic- several years ago we lost our baby during labor, and I haven’t been able to part with the crib.”


The time to let the crib go had finally come. The officers went with Don to the attic and helped him bring it down for the family in need.


Both Samantha and the officers believe that it was something bigger that guided them to the Swaney’s house that day.

“These two gentleman did so much more than they knew…” Samantha says. “They rushed to the aid of someone in our community, saved the life of a little baby, and helped her parents. And they gave me a way to let go of one of the biggest things I was holding onto from my son’s cut-short life.”


It’s safe to say these officers were in the perfect place and the perfect time, and an item that meant so much to a grieving mother now represents the beginning of a new life for a baby who got a second chance.