Police Fear That Mentally Unstable Mother’s Missing Children Are In Serious Dangerous


Amissing child is always a serious matter.This particular case is amplified though, since there is not one, but two children missing, and it is thought that their mother may have had a large role in their disappearance.

In 2015, police arrested 26-year-old Catherine Hoggle, who had been reported missing along with her 2 and 3 year old children. Although the two children are still missing, Hoggle insists that they are in a safe place, although she will not disclose their location to officials.

Hoggle is held in a maximum security psychiatric facility, where she says all she wants is to see her children, Jacob and Sarah. It turns out that the whole reason she is in this hospital, though, is due to her missing children.


In September of 2014, Hoggle told the children’s father Troy Turner that the kids were at a new daycare, but she disappeared during a pit stop at a restaurant before she would disclose just where this facility was located.


Eighteen months later, Hoggle has been found and detained, but her children are still at large. Hoggle is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, and police are deeply concerned that her condition caused her to put her children in an unsafe, or even fatal, situation.


Hoggle has made 8 escape attempts from the facility, getting increasingly creative with her methods, in order to try and reunite with her children, wherever they may be. Her legal team declares that she is mentally incompetent and not responsible for her actions, but those close to her personally claim that she is creating the act so she can avoid going to trial.


Anyone with any information about Jacob and Sarah’s whereabouts are encouraged to contact local law enforcement.