Police Cooked This Lonely Elderly Couple Pasta After They Were Heard Crying

Written by Nastasia Delmedico

Sometimes watching the news can be disconcerting, especially as of lately. Just ask this elderly couple, living in Rome, who were experiencing a moment of concern for the world when their neighbours reported loud cries coming from their apartment.

Jole, 84, and Michele, 94, were in their apartment crying about the hate and negativity shown on the news when police officers showed up to their door in response to the report. The Police Headquarters in Rome took to Facebook to write about their encounter with the elderly couple, who’ve been married for 70 years, to state that what they found in Jole and Michele’s home was anything but a crime.1

‘There isn’t a crime,’ says the Facebook post, ‘Jole and Michele are not victims of scams as often happens to the elderly and no burglar came in the house. There’s no one to save.This time, for the boys of flying there is a more difficult task to perform. There are two lonely souls to reassure.’

Jole and Michele simply felt discouraged by the news and considerably lonely as they pointed out to the police that nobody had visited the couple for quite some time. With only the television to keep them company and a lack of food on the table, the officers felt compelled to offer the lonely couple a home cooked meal.


The police asked Jole and Michele if they could have access to their pantry and made the saddened couple a simple pasta dish made with butter and cheese.

The police had no forms to fill or excessive questions to ask. They simply saw a couple who needed a little reassurance in humanity and provided them with a little warmth to refuel their hearts.


Sitting side by side, Jole and Michele shared a warm and delicious meal with each other, thanks to the company and tenderness of Rome’s reinforcement.


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