Parents Leave Honest Words Of Advice For Their Kids Before Going On Vacation


Recently a pair of Scottish parents, the Ewerts decided to take a vacation and leave their grown children at home. They left cheeky notes for their son and daughter Robbie and Katie. Robbie just had to share them and decided to post them to twitter where they have gone viral.

The son, Robbie Ewert was warned against nefarious activities in the notes as was his sister, whom the parents conceded that she was the responsible one because her brother is ‘half daft.’ He tweeted the picture along with the caption ‘When yer maw and da are going on holiday and have trust issues.’1

The tweet has been retweeted 6,000 times and has 12,500 likes. The note spans 4 pages with reminders for Robbie to ‘Please inform your squad that our log cabin is not a drug pen or a 24 hour bar. Believe it or not, our neighbours don’t like it when one of your amigos drive up and down the street on their s**** wee dirty bike.’

The hilarious letter also tells them not to call their grandma if there is an emergency because she will panic so they should call their grandad to help them handle things. Their told not to bother with other near by family because they do not like them. The parents really are brutally honest.


People on twitter have been obviously loving the funny notes with one user, @GeorgiaaBarberr tweeting ‘this is the best thing I have ever saw.’ We do not know how old the Katie and RObbie exactly are but we are assuming they are teenagers.

Katie cannot be found on social media so there is not telling her reaction to going viral due to her parents notes. And after reading the note we think it begs the question, what did Katie do the first time Scotland’s ‘finest’ paid a visit to her parents at home. Robbie tweeted a picture of a reporter messaging him over facebook and simply captioned it ‘ Am gawn viral.’

3Other reactions on twitter have included users saying ‘I love this so much’ and ‘sums up Scotland really.’ Other users related to it saying that their parents would leave them a very similar note should they go on holiday. So many young people doing naughty things, what a surprise. The parents clearly have a close relationship with their children though and we are grateful we got a look into the family because it is hilarious. We hope they enjoyed their vacation without any hiccups from the kids they left at home. 4Source