Officer Pulls Over When He Sees Man And A Mercedes. It’s What He DOESN’T Ask That Makes All The Difference.


Anyone who has ever gotten a flat tire — especially on a busy interstate — can recall the immediate sense of fear and worry.

But thanks to a Virginia State Trooper, 20-year-old Joseph Owusu was able to rest easy when his tire blew out on a dark road at night.

Officer Matt Okes discovered Joseph, who was en route home from college, on the side of Route 220 in Virginia. The back tire of his Mercedes had blown out.

When Officer Okes couldn’t fix the tire himself, he stayed with Joseph until help arrived.

Joseph’s incredibly grateful mother, Nada Owusu, was surprised and pleased to find that instead of questioning her son, Okes immediately tried to lend a hand.

“There’s a lot of good in this world and people want to hear positive stories,” she said.
So she expressed her gratitude for Officer Okes in a heartfelt Facebook post:

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Aware of the negative media attention that police officers receive, Ms. Owusu was quick to show her support for Officer Okes.

“As far as I was concerned, there was a good person waiting with my son,” she said. “I didn’t care if he was green, blue, yellow. There’s a lot of good in America and that needs to be heard. Police need our support.”